Metal Shark® IN-LIQUID (pipeline)


For Pipelines with Liquids and Slurries

Cassel′s IN LIQUID Metal Detector, designed for liquids and slurries, boasts a rugged stainless steel sensor and housing, and is appropriate for use in the food industry. With a maintenance-free design and high quality construction, users enjoy reliable operation even in the most challenging industrial environments.

Features & Benefits

Rugged throughput hose:   A variety of stainless connections are available, including tri-clamp, milk-thread and aseptic flanges. The standard hose, able to withstand up to 220 psi and designed for a harsh plant environment, is constructed for high temperature use and CIP/SIP systems. Pipe diameters range from 1-1⁄2″ to 4″.

Available reject systems:  The reliable and easy-to-maintain butterfly valve reject system is ideal for CIP/SIP applications. The  EX-MH arc valve reject system is appropriate for aseptic applications and will not impede product flow.  Other systems are available.

Assembly frame options:  Cassel′s hygienic frame design is easy to clean.  All tubing is closed welded on all sides. Designs include floor stands (with/without castors) or custom OEM frames fitted to accommodate existing equipment. The control unit can be attached to the sensor or wall mounted.

Performance check: An optional test ball insertion port allows an operator to regularly and easily test metal detector performance.