SHARKNET®-2 Software


Automatic documentation of operational data for Metal Detectors, X-Ray & Checkweigher 

The SHARKNET®-2 Software networks all METAL SHARK® Metal Detectors, X-Ray and Checkweigh systems with one Windows computer. SHARKNET®-2 simplifies reporting for HACCP, GMP, BRC and IFS compliance. The software collects all the required data and prints out any user defined report  requests.

Report functions in Windows and Printing include IFS/HACCP/GMP/BRC Reports, parameter sheets, graphic & text report of metal events with metal detectors and batch & average weight reports with checkweighers.

Features & Benefits

Software simplifies data documentation and saves costs

  • IFS/HACCP/GMP reports: Proves the proper metal detection
  • Batch and average weight reports
  • Automated network printing and pdf-file creation
  • Full remote maintenance of METAL SHARK®-2 metal detectors