X-Ray SHARK® Bulkflow


The X-RAY SHARK® Bulkflow is an X-ray device with conveyor belt that allows it to be integrated into an existing production line to analyses X-ray patterns automatically. The linear X-ray camera is the best in speed and sensitivity. It sends X-ray data of packaged, not packaged or bulk products to the computer which then analyses the pictures automatically. It detects contaminants, as well as other individual attributes like such as  completeness, form, mass, etc of the product. From the analysis it classifies and sorts out faulty products automatically.


The products flow continuously down the conveyor (or pipeline).  The system scans continuously and captures the images a frame at a time.  These frames are then analysed, and the reject signal transferred to the output, depending where  the contaminant is in the image frame. It is possible to have a series of rejects on a bulkflow system – for example you can have a drop-flap reject mechanism with 4 or 8 reject flaps.

Features & Benefits

Detectable Contaminants

The size of the detectable contaminants depends basically on the consistency, density, thickness and structure of the product. Therefore we can only quote exact sizes of detectable contaminants when we have carried out testing on the product.

Very Good Price-performance Ratio

The XRAY SHARK® is a high-end device, which stands out due to its high detection sensitivity and dependability.

High Detection Sensitivity

The high-performance line array X-ray camera has a very high photosensitivity. Therefore, it is more likely to be able to detect very small or bigger contaminants.

Huge Through-put

The high scan rate of the camera enables X-rays without distortion. Thus, you can see more details, even when producing a very high output speed.

Easy, Thorough Cleaning

The frame is made out of stainless steel with a conveyor belt (with optional quick release) that allows for a quick and thorough cleaning process.

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